1st Testimonial 2014 – Independent Journalist

Brogan Kay-Jessop, a London based journalist that attended the scouting course with the Professional Football Scouts Association in 2014 (a two-day event, held at a college called ACROSS in Accrington) had wonderful words to say about the PFSA.

“This is a necessity for the football industry today. From a journalist’s point of view, the PFSA is an association for scouts to unite, have a voice and gain recognition for the tough and unappreciated work they do. If you’re a scout, or are looking to be a scout, I urge you to book your place on to the next course because what you will learn there is invaluable.

There were many scouts on the course I attended, both experienced and new to the game, but even the experienced felt they had learnt a lot by the Sunday. The attendees were from known football clubs such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Celtic Football Club, Oldham and Stoke City. The course taught us every aspect of the scouting job. From talent indicators at the start to talent development, we also analysed other football clubs. We learnt how to write player reports, match analysis and team assessments.

Parental behaviour was spoken about largely, as well as how to deal with any family issues that players may have, you really do learn it all. Not only do you learn it, but you also have the opportunity to put what you’ve learnt into practice when watching videos. Legal frameworks were also taught on the course, and every single attendee did their child protection.

The course leaders were phenomenal. They allowed every single one of us to speak when we had something to say, and this often led to discussions within the entire group. They also gave us a chance to network at every given opportunity, as we were all there for the same reason, all there to feel more valued. If like myself, you’ve never had any experience with being a scout, don’t let that stop you from wanting to gain the training to become one. I got many things out of the course. From a professional point of view of being in the sporting industry, from the course I learnt the importance of the job done by the forgotten people like scouts, it really has changed the way I will write about football forever.

I now appreciate the work scouts do even more so than before. Since the course, even watching games I now find myself looking more at formations. I attended the fourth course the PFSA ran and it was the biggest group they have had so far. I highly recommend the course, and for you to get involved with an association that is taking the UK by storm.

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