Promoting good practice and raising standards for all scouts in football. The Professional Football Scouts Association (PFSA) is a Not for Profit organisation. The PFSA was founded in 2013 after years of research and is based in the heart of Lancashire.

The organisation has been formed by experienced Premier League scouts and will be assisted by the worlds governing bodies. The PFSA will liaise with Football leagues and non-professional leagues on behalf of all
member scouts. Our aim is to set out the relevant systems and procedures on a level consistent with the
introduction of the Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP).

Members of the association will be committed to the agreed code of conduct set out by the association and the rules & regulations set out by the football governing bodies. Matters for attention are as follows, each being a separate index:

  1. Fit and Proper Person
  2. Experience and Knowledge
  3. Certification
  4. Procedures
  5. Association Benefits

Fit and Proper Person

This will be carried out by the relevant staff such as a recruitment officer or our human resources department, and consist of an interview explaining in full what is required and backed up by character references from the local club chairman/secretary or youth club organisations and recorded for future club presentation.


All scouts before taking up their positions must have a valid membership number, which must be presented to any tutor who may be required to conduct a relevant course such as safe guarding children, talent identification, first aid, and other relevant courses.

Procedures and Regulations

No scout can actively approach any member, parent or individual of any amateur or professional club orsociety without having:

  1. DBS check which we will help our members to obtain through our affiliated partner.
  2. Child protection certificate which we will help our members to achieve through our football scout courses.
  3. Talent identification certificate which we will also help our members achieve through our football scout courses.

All scouts must approach players and clubs following the guidelines and regulations set out by our association and other governing football bodies.